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About ADI'S and something else


Here we would like to tell you more about a project of ADI'S COOK & BOOK which started in November 2010 when Christmas and New Year's Eve were coming. Our guests and fans who regularly check out our Facebook page are already familiar with our illustrations that change according to the coming holidays. The idea of their project is to respond the spirit of holidays in pictures - done by our friend Dimitar Chikakchiev.

The first illustration is dedicated to Santa Claus and the joy his arrival brings to every home.



The second illustration was inspired by a date February 14 - when many people celebrate the NON-Bulgarian holiday of St. Valentine. We pay a small tribute to St. Valentine - but a much bigger one to St. Trifon Zarezan, the Bulgarian patron saint of wine. When we were asked  What we had against St. Valentine's Day, we answered as follows: We at ADI'S COOK & BOOK love each other 365 days a year, not just on February 14th. Cheers!



The tird illustration herals a wonderful Bulgarian holiday - Baba (Grandma) Marta.

Our Marta is no grandmother at all, but a true aristocrat:)



The fourth illustration marks the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the amusing painting of Easter eggs.




The fifth illustration we cherish the most. It was a generous gift from our artist Dimitar Chikakchiev on the occasion of the first anniversary of ADI'S COOK & BOOK (September 22).


The seventh illustration was inspired by a date - 1st November - Halloween Day.