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One of the most innovative ideas of ADI'S COOK & BOOK is the titled Menu of Cooks.

The idea of ADI'S COOK & BOOK has attracted some of the best Bulgarian chefs: among them Borislav Paunov, Valeri Neshov. By "ordering" one of our chefs, every guest can prepare the dishes for his or her special event together with him. This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the culinary art with a professional by your side, who will turn your experience into a real and unique adventure.

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Borislav Paunov

Borislav Paunov graduated from the Vocational School of Public Catering (VSPC) in Sofia in 1987. His first encounter with real cuisine was during his work experience in different restaurants. In 1987, just before he completed his secondary education, the Sheraton hotel was opened and Bobby passed a one-month training course there. He decided that this was the place for him, and after his military service he started work there. From 1991 until 1998, Borislav Paunov gained experience in all spheres of the culinary art in the kitchens of the four restaurants. In 1998, he started work in Red Devil Catering. To this day he is a chef in this most famous catering company – a pioneer in the sphere of catering.


Valeri Neshov

Valeri Neshov was born in Cherven Bryag. His first encounters with the culinary art took place when he was a 13-year old. After completing his secondary education, he enrolled in a culinary course organized by the University of Plovdiv and held in Pleven. His professional career started in the elite at that time (1997–1998) restaurants in the city – “Bulgarian Wedding“ and “Centaur“. In 2001, he moved to Sofia. Fate was not that favourable to him – his professional path in the capital started from the worst kitchens and reached to “Beyond the Alley Behind the Cupboard Shelf“. He founded a company dealing with consultancy and development of newly-opened premises. He worked 6 months for the four-starred Grand Hotel Velingrad, in the Donna Restaurant, and he owns smaller places in the village of Ribaritsa. He is a member of the Slow Food organization.