Adi's Cook & Book
The Blue House at 31 Budapest Str.


The house where ADI'S COOK & BOOK is located was built in 1928 by the Jewish merchant Shimon Berejik. He lived there happily with his family - wife and two daughters, until the beginning of the Second World War. In 1941, the family moved to Israel. From the beginning of 1950 until 1989, the house was included in the residential fund of Sofia. In the early 1990s the house was restituted to the Berejik family heirs.

In July 2012, the Blue House at 31 Budapest Str. began living its second life. It was fully reconstructed and restored by the Tsanovi Family - the founders of ADI'S COOK & BOOK.

The repair works on the house began in the summer of 2012 and it was fully restored in less than three months.